The European Regional Development Fund

Agile Ability has just been awarded The European Regional Development Fund for small businesses and so can you.

In our world of fast-paced technological advances, rapidly evolving customer expectation, workplace disruption and yes, a pandemic – you can count on one thing: Innovation. 

Innovation is the result of resilience and agility – the ability to adapt quickly to new conditions. We saw a clear path to innovate by creating a virtual agency that supports local businesses on their digital journey with the customer front and centre.  To create a game-changing, affordable product offering for local entrepreneurs by sourcing the best website design and development teams combined with our agile digital marketing framework.

To achieve our goal, we needed a partner, which we found in Invest4.

Invest4 Grant

Invest4 is a match-fund grant that provides additional funding to help small businesses and start-ups grow. A business pays (or raises capital) for 60% of the costs of expenditure, and the Fund covers the balance of 40%. Businesses that meet the eligibility criteria can be awarded funding of between £2,000 and £170,000. 

The grant is funded by HM Government, partnered with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with strategic support from The Business Hothouse and managed by the Brighton and Hove City Council.

Innovation-led digital marketing support

There are four key areas of investment for the awarding of the grant: Innovation and research; digital platforms; support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs); growing a low carbon economy. AgileAbility demonstrated that using the grant resources to design a new website and create corporate videos to launch and advertise our new agency would translate into a significant investment of innovation-led, digital marketing support for local SMEs.  

We are now able to fund the marketing of our services and reach more small and medium-sized businesses in the region so that they can be assisted in marketing their businesses. This is a win-win for AgileAbility, local businesses, and the community.

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Marketing support for Surrey businesses

AgileAbility is located in Surrey, which makes it an ideal candidate for Invest4 grant funding as part of the Coast to Capital LEP area.  The grant aims to strengthen economic and social stability and sustainability in specific regions. 

Being able to support our local community of high street retailers, fresh produce suppliers and small businesses to create a digital presence and eCommerce websites was a clear connection with the intent of the Invest4 grant.


Staying local. Reaching global

In line with our strategy of ‘staying local – reaching global’, our experienced digital marketing teams are skilled in helping you reach global audiences.  

We offer an intuitive eCommerce experience that allows your customers to shop from anywhere. Revenue increases directly contribute to sustainable growth in the local region, which results in creating jobs, and thriving support services.

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Creating a lasting impression

One of the three key eligibility indicators for the Invest4 grant is an investment to bring a new product or service to market. Developing innovative products or services that customers can’t live without has never been more important. We are unlikely to return to our pre-COVID state when it comes to working, travelling, socializing, exercising, creating, educating and entertaining. 

Our cross-functional teams at AgileAbility understand insights, trends, and opportunities so that you can create new products or services that fill those gaps in the market. For AgileAbility, that new product translated into corporate video production both as a way to promote our own company and as a product offering to our clients. To create a lasting impression, videos are the most effective marketing format for introducing your brand and demonstrating your product.

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The Business Hothouse

The eCommerce market has increased year over year, but the Covid pandemic has driven brick and mortar stores to realise the need for a digital presence. For many, this was stepping into new territory. 

As a partner in the Invest4 grant, The Business Hothouse offers a free workshop to quickly assess if your business or start-up is eligible for a grant. They will help you develop a tangible, launch-ready product and provide guidance to grant applicants to formulate a business plan specifically designed for grant funding. 

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Take the next step forward into the online marketplace with Agile Ability

We provide a straightforward, honest appraisal to every business owner in a language you understand. Personal, hands-on engagement with our clients ensures your business growth, and we do whatever it takes to ensure your success.

“I believe that’s why the Invest4 Committee saw a clear benefit in awarding the grant to AgileAbility as we will be directly helping small businesses in the community to market themselves better through digital. From helping high street retailers develop a tailored eCommerce Store and sell their products online to supporting businesses in developing their digital marketing in Surrey, Sussex and beyond.” Lee Mancini (AgileAbility Managing Director and Digital Marketing Project Manager).

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