Bringing Agility and Ability to Agile Digital Marketing

The Agile
Marketing Mindset

Agile Ability is a virtual agency made up of small cross-functional, self-governing teams of people who have all of the knowledge and skills the team needs to carry out your project.

Mastering Continuous Change Across Platforms

Marketing Framework

In a demanding and uncertain new world, traditional work management tends to break down. In response, Agile Marketing provides a framework for delivering high quality, audience-focused results at a faster pace and with less waste.

Being Agile enables organisations to master continuous change.

Built on a Foundation of Empiricism

Empiricism asserts that knowledge comes from experience and that decisions are based on what is known. The transparency of digital marketing and the availability of data makes that process a reality. Digital marketing teams need to be working in a fact-based, experience-based, and evidence-based manner.

Embracing Change and Adaptability With Small Agile Teams

Marketing needs to be able to embrace immediate change and adapt quickly to macro environmental changes. Agile develops small cross-functional, self-governing teams who have all of the knowledge and skills they need to carry out any project. An alternative to command-and-control management styles, Agile thrives on being highly flexible and adaptive, enabling the collective ability to adapt quickly to new conditions.

3 Pillars of Agile Thinking


Build open and honest relationships so that you are confident that everyone in your team is transparent and has the courage to be honest and trust each other.


Being critical means looking at something with the intent of improving it. To work effectively, Agile teams always need to be self-critical about the work they do.


An iterative approach provides ample opportunity for frequent inspections, enabling digital teams to adapt quickly to any insights or learnings from market changes or customer insights.

Unlike traditional 6-12 month marketing planning and execution cycles, Agile Marketing allows the modern marketing team to adapt to fast-changing market conditions, respond to immediate sales needs, and prove ROI quickly and consistently.

The Agile Marketing Manifesto

We are discovering better ways of creating value for our customers and organisations through new marketing approaches.

Through This Work, We Have Come to Value:

  • Focusing on customer value and business outcomes over activity and outputs
  • Delivering value early and often over waiting for perfection
  • Learning through experiments and data over opinions and conventions
  • Cross-functional collaboration over silos and hierarchy
  • Responding to change over following a static plan

Agile Marketing Principles

To keep up with the speed and complexity of marketing today, we are adopting a different mindset and new ways of working. The principles elaborate on these values.

  1. Great marketing requires close alignment, transparency, and quality interactions with internal and external customers.
  2. Seek out different and diverse points of view.
  3. Embrace and respond to change to enhance customer value.
  4. Plan only to a level sufficient to ensure effective prioritisation and execution.
  5. Take chances and learn from your failures.
  6. Organise in small, cross-functional teams where possible.
  7. Build marketing programmes around motivated individuals and trust them to get the job done.
  8. Long-term marketing success benefits from operating at a sustainable pace.
  9. Agile Marketing isn’t enough. Excellence in marketing requires continuous attention to marketing fundamentals as well.
  10. Strive for simplicity.
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