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Augmented Reality Business Cards. What Are Augmented Reality Business Cards and Why Do They Work?

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What Is An Augmented Reality Business Card

Augmented Reality Business Cards give business owners, directors, salespeople, and networkers the opportunity to share much more than their contact details. Scanning the custom QR code printed onto the card gives instant access to virtual content that paints a much broader picture than the limited information contained by a business card ever could. Besides links to the company website or social media, the card can give access to images, videos, 3D models, animations, and other additional valuable content – all the things needed to showcase a business and its services or products.

The Augmented Reality Business Card makes an immediate impact and leaves a lasting impression. It’s the perfect combination of benefits for successful marketing. With the application of AR, the traditional business card is transformed into an interactive marketing tool. In the competitive world of business, any advantage should be leveraged.

How Augmented Reality Business Cards Work

By simply scanning an AR business card with any iOS or Android device anyone can view custom content linked to that QR code. Live image tracking technology gives immediate access to a host of interactive augmented reality experiences from 3D to animations to video and much more.

The AR Business Card Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

The mantra to marketing success is right message, right channel, right time. There is no better time for someone to have instant access to more (and engaging) information about a business than on their first encounter. The purpose of a business card is to share contact information and to serve as a reminder that travels away with the recipient. About 80% of business cards are thrown away within 7 days. If a card doesn’t make an immediate impression, then it’s going right in the bin. An Augmented Reality business card retains it’s interest factor for time to come.

1. Establish Credibility

Trust is one of the most important factors in business, and most people perform a credibility check before contacting a company or person. A professional website is an essential credibility indicator for a company. LinkedIn is the go-to for both a company and an individual’s credentials, achievements, or professional showcase. Instead of hoping that the recipient of a business card will make the effort of searching online, an Augmented Reality QR code gives immediate access, facilitating a credibility check right there and then.

2. Increase Customer Engagement

The opportunity for customer engagement starts with the first experience someone has with a business, and that is often when professionals, sales people and business owners get to hand out their business cards. From the get-go the quality of customer experience has a direct impact on a business’s potential for success.

  • 80% of customers say the experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services.
  • 65% of all consumers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.
  • Customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are solved quickly.

3. Harness The Power Of The First Impression

First impressions are powerful. Besides the quality of the physical card and printing itself, Augmented Reality elevates perception of value. 39% of people won’t do business with a company if they have a cheap-looking business card.
A quality card infers professionalism. It indicates a company with a progressive mindset, one that embraces a better way of doing business. It suggests a company that cares enough about its customers to make it easy for them to access information they could find useful.

4. Be Memorable

Engagement is the key to being memorable, and this is exactly what Augmented Reality Business Cards deliver. If a coloured business card is ten times more likely to remain with someone than a plain white business card, you can be assured that your Augmented Reality business card is even more likely to make a lasting impression.

5. Increase Sales

No matter the size of the company or organisation, the business card is an invaluable relationship-building tool. In a networking scenario, it is an established way of exchanging contact details. But the business card also has a material impact on sales. Surveys show that sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 business cards that are given out.

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