Nutfield Dairy

Nutfield Dairy is a new startup launched by two passionate young entrepreneurs Matthew Elphic and his partner Betsie Edge, bringing back the classic Milkman delivery service. They offer locally produced, fresh milk from their happy cows grazing on the Surrey Hills, every day to people’s doors.

Their website was unable to cope with a growing business’s demands, as it was an off-the-shelf template. It had a classic shopping cart system but was missing functionality that was causing the owners to lose a lot of time managing their customers. They needed an online business that would enable the dairy to work more efficiently and allow customers to manage their own orders, giving Matthew and Betsie more time growing the business.

Our solution was a new website design and eCommerce store that delivered an enhanced shopping cart experience, provided customer account features, and enabled more flexible order management for recurring orders as well as integrated reporting functions tailored to help Mathew and Betsie run their business more efficiently.

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