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FD Ready needed to develop a new Brand and design and develop a new website as part of the launch of their exciting new training business providing tailored training courses for Financial Directors. The Brand and Website required a focus on the individuals in the Company through a series of videos.

Agile Ability understood that the key ingredient to success for FD Ready was the individual characters, and the experience and dedication of the business owners. We therefore worked with the Directors to establish a strategy that would highlight their unique character, extensive experience and the quality of their training methodology, however, we knew like any new start up budgets were tight.

We developed a strategy that would support a social marketing campaign and would enable FD Ready to grow their business and eventually develop an ever-expanding portfolio of unique training programmes.

Agile Ability are proud to see the success of FD Ready, who are now a thriving business helping and supporting Financial Directors across the country in their career paths.

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