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Fairershare.org.uk is a social initiative sponsored by the Woodhaven Trust. The ambition is to create a fairer, more progressive tax system in the UK. Agile Ability was contracted as the project lead with the sole responsibility to partner with UK agencies to develop a website supporting a countrywide digital marketing campaign. We targeted northern regions of the UK to gain signatures of public support for Fairer Share’s version of Council Tax reform in the UK.

Having conducted a study of the campaign’s objectives and requirements, we developed an RFP briefing model and applied the process across multiple potential partner agencies. We supported the selection process and became an integral part of the project team applying an Agile framework, conducting IPSOS surveys that informed the web assets’ design and development team and the social media profile. Finally, we advised and supported a Geographic Micro-Targeted digital campaign focused on areas of the country most affected by Council Tax disparity.

The campaign has been an outstanding success with over 90,000 120,000 signatures. A letter from Kevin Hollinrake MP for Thirsk & Malton was sent to the Prime Minister citing the campaign and advocating for change to the council tax system.

We look forward to receiving the Prime Minister’s answer.

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